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I’m in my fourth year of medical school and I was definitely headed that way.  I appreciated that MCMI gave an opportunity for clinically oriented research.

I’m not from a family that is in medicine, so I got the opportunity to interact with healthcare professionals – be treated as like a colleague.  We’re all about the inter-professional collaboration in medicine. So getting to see, getting to work with the athletic trainers and physicians together and having everyone brainstorm ways to make a difference in the state.

MCMI has two roles, gathering data and doing research – descriptive research mostly about concussion and the incidence of concussion, which we don’t have good data about in different sports.  Looking for solutions for tests for identified concussions.  And the other main arm is the education outreach to all the schools and populations in Maine to identify concussions and have the whole community come together.  I think the MCMI has been pretty successful in getting the whole state on board.  I mean, Maine is not a huge state population wise but it certainly has a lot of diverse schools and that’s something that’s pretty special about MCMI.

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